Dear participants!

We invite you to the annual costume contest "Modern Renaissance" as part of the "Count of May" festival!

We accept character costumes from movies, TV shows, games, anime, cartoons, visual novels, historical figures and celebrities, etc., from any officially published or broadcast source.

We also accept original characters and your original drawings of already existing characters (i.e. your fan art)

The better you describe and present your character, the easier it will be for the judges to judge your work.

Priority will be given to those who made their own costume.

The terms of participation

Any visitor of the festival can participate in the competition by submitting an application in a timely manner and receiving confirmation of registration for the selected nomination. The competition is held on the main stage of the festival on the day of the festival in accordance with the program.

A participant can apply for participation in no more than 1 nomination. The participant independently prepares his stage appearance (no longer than 2 minutes).

Competitors are evaluated by a professional jury.

Evaluation is made on a 10-point system.


  • technical performance of the costume - from 0 to 10 points
  • compliance with the theme of the nomination / for a historical nomination - compliance with the selected historical character - from 0 to 10 points
  • performance creativity - from 0 to 10 points

Additional points are awarded:

- for participation in the parade of festival participants at 13:00 (+5 points)

The participant at the appointed time must pass the judging and perform on stage with his performance;

Suits shown in previous years are allowed.

Priority is given to own handmade costumes


Each participant can register and take part in 1 category of their choice.

1) The best children's carnival costume

2) Best fantasy costume

3) The best historical costume


Fill out the online application formAfter submitting the application, you will receive an automatic confirmation to the email address you provided. Within a week you will also receive a confirmation letter from our coordinators.If anything is not received, please contact us via Email or Tel/WhatsApp 22189430 as soon as possible.enjoy the holiday!
* Please provide us with your correct e-mail address in the application form and make sure that there are no errors in it.
* If you have any problems with the application process, feel free to ask questions! Our coordinators will be happy to assist you on (hidden)
* By submitting an application, you agree to be bound by the full version of these rules. By submitting an application, you also agree that we process your personal data in accordance with the rules of the GDPR for the purpose of managing competition and collecting statistics. Your personal data will never be misused or passed on to third parties. Your submission may be withdrawn without prior notice or explanation at the discretion of the administration.



Remember that all props for your show must be secure. All weapons and other props must be made from safe materials (plastic, lightweight wood, foam, etc.). If you have a metal blade, make sure it's blunt. All your weapons will be checked by security at the entrance to the event, and any sharp blades, swords, knives, axes and other piercing and cutting items will be confiscated until the end of the event.We do not allow any type of pyrotechnics on stage. Also, it is forbidden to spill or scatter anything on the stage. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an immediate ban from the competition and disqualification.


The coordinators will not allow the participant to take part in the competition if he:

  • - violates the rules of the event;
  • - violates the laws of the Republic of Latvia;
  • - is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • - any alcoholic or narcotic substances are at his disposal;- behaves disrespectfully and / or provocatively in relation to other participants or the administration;
  • - deliberately damages the costumes or props of other participants;- damages furniture, equipment or decorations on the festival grounds;
  • - did not finish the costume;
  • - in his work demonstrates excessive aggression, calls for violence, hate speech, pornography or profanity.  

The participant may also be prohibited from participating in further costume competitions at the May Count festivals for a time determined by the administration.

The administration also reserves the right to exclude a participant from the costume contest without prior notice or explanation.