Video: Festival "Count of May 2019", Riga, 11.05.2019
Created and edited by Natalia Savina, Aleksey Pankov 

Program of the Festival

Festval program 10:00 A.M. 0 10:00 P.M.

Tournament "Count of May"
Become to a best warrior of Riga!

Registration to tournament

Knight yournament for children and juniors
"Sir's Roland cup 2019"

Tournament participants age limit - 7 to 17 y.o.

Participation - free. 

Registration to be applyed.

VIII best historical costume stilization contest
"Modern Renaissance 2019"

There in no age limits. All you need - your historical costume to take a part in one of the nominations.

Registration to be applyed

Medieval fair (info for traders)

Medieval fair participation rules


At the "Count of May festival" also May Fire fest will took place.

Dates of May Fire Fest - 11 May 2019

Registration for participants - here 

Historical festival-carnival
"Count of May 2019"

unique Riga spring carnival for whole family! 

May 11, 2019
Riga Old City, Town Hall square

With the first warm sun rays an unique Riga tradition is brought back to life. You will see at the streets brave knight and ladies in historical carnival costumes, fun medieval attractions for children and adults, songs and dances, and  a knight tournament in honor of Count of May title!
Who will win this year’s title of the best defender of Riga, and the opportunity to name your beloved lady the Countess of May?



The festival of Count of May arrived from Germany, Scandinavia, Gotland and England, where they were celebrated as spring festivity during Middle Ages. The Count of May, who symbolized the spring, would come into towns and villages with his entourage. The first mentioning about the Count of May celebration in Riga dates back to 15th century, when the count of May was elected in presence of the town council on a stretch of an open space outside the city. The person who won the title of Count of May could keep it for a year, and it was always someone from The Great Guild. The participants of the celebration would go on a festive procession to the Great Guild, where a luscious feast took place.

Festival today

Today Count of May is based on historical traditions with many new modern multicultural and innovative tendences. 
Now it is bright carnival for all family, all participants are welcomed in historical or fantasy dresses. Any of historical ages between X and XIX century is welcomed, as well as fantasy dresses like Game of Thrones etc. 
Rhis unique spring festival is for new spring coming, new joy coming into our life. Be creative, be fantastic - be with us!


Entrance is for free - all day long.
Also for free are main activities of festival:

• May Graf tournament
• Child knight tournament  "Roland cup 2019"
• Best costume contest "Modern Renaissance 2019"
and all performances on the main stage


Foto no 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 gada 

Maija Grāfa svētkiem

Rīga, Rātslaukums 1
Organizē: Kultūras biedrība "Alternatīvā Realitāte"
Reģ. Nr.40008214937
Rīga, Tallinas 30, LV-1001

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