Maximum visitors allowed at one time - 3000

Entrance is organized according to epidemiological safety rules at present moment.

!!  Observe a distance of 2 m

!!  Be careful to observe distance and keep hygiene.

!!  Avoid crowds at the entrance / exit or near the activities.

registration to craft fair


We urge all residents and visitors to observe individual precautions:

  • wash hands with soap for at least 20-40 seconds in accordance with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control;
  •   cover your mouth and nose with a disposable napkin, coughing and sneezing, which you throw away after use, and then wash your hands;  if there is no disposable tissue or handkerchief on the surface of the inner elbow joint (sleeve), coughing or sneezing, but do not do it in the palm of your hand;
  •   maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from persons with acute signs of a respiratory infection.

 We urge you to be responsible for your own health and the health of others.  We draw your attention to the fact that the Law on Epidemiological Safety provides that a person must not expose another person to the risk of infection, and a person must follow the instructions of an epidemiologist to prevent the risk of infection for the health of other people.  Non-compliance with the home quarantine regime is a violation of the Law on Epidemiological Safety, which may be subject to administrative punishment.